Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I order a sample?
    To order a sample go to the item you wish to purchase and look for the box that says "Please Select". Click on the pull down menu and choose "Sample Size".
  • Do I have to pay $15 to ship a sample?
    No, the cost for each sample is $7 and that includes the shipping. Price will be reflected at checkout when you calculate shipping.
  • Can I get free samples?
    Yes, if you place your order withen 7 days of receiving your samples we will credit your order the amount you paid for the samples. You must put in the comment box free samples, or call 877-DSO-TILE so price adjustment can be made.
  • How much does a sample cost?
    Samples are $7 each. There is no minimum order on samples and you will only be charged for the number of samples ordered. Price will be reflected at checkout when you calculate shipping.
  • Should I order a sample?
    Yes, in fact we recommend it for larger orders. Natural stone is a product of nature and is therefore subject to natural variation or color, shading and veining.
  • Does free shipping apply to all items?
    No, All glass products and most of the stone mosaics are shipped for free as long as the minimum order is met. Other products such as the stonewood and other large format tile do not qualify for free shipping. In the description area of each product it will denote weather or not free shipping applies. If there is going to be a charge for shipping DSO Tile will contact you with the cost. If you decide not to go ahead with the order due to shipping costs, DSO Tile will refund you the full amount charged.
  • What is a large format tile?
    Large format tiles inclued Stonewood or any tile that is 12"x12" or larger and is not a mosaic. It also includes any tile that comes in a 4 piece pattern.
  • How much extra tile should I order?
    Typically we recommend 10% to 15% more than you actually need to cover breakage and cuts during installation, and to replace the occasional broken tile at a later date. If the design is complex, laid on the diagonal or will involve an unusual amount of cutting order even more.
  • How do I make my area look bigger?
    Use a larger tile and put it on a diagonal. By using a larger tile there are fewer grout lines therefore the area appears to be bigger than it actually is. Also by putting the tile on a diagonal the area will appear to be wider due to the way we perceive things.
  • Can I Do it myself?
    Simple mosaic tile installations can often be handled by do-it-yourselfers, but more complex ones require the experience and skill of a professional. After spending good money for a quality product, you may not want to risk spoiling it with poor craftsmanship or and inadequate substrate.
  • Should I seal my stone or glass?
    Stone tile should be sealed to be water and stain resistant. There are 2 types of sealers a sealer that does not change the look of the stone, or a sealer that enhances the stone or gives it the wet look. Enhancers are generally used for tumbled stones to bring the color out. Glass does not need to be sealed, however the grout does, any penetrating sealer will do the trick.