South West Mesa Stone And Glass


Our new glass and slate mix mosaics, will give you many design possibilities with either the brick pattern, or the small square. Arizona series is a great addition to our full line of glass tiles.

This glass tiles can be used on residential or commercial interior and exterior walls. Common applications include: bathroom walls and floors, kitchen countertop backsplashes, column wraps, swimming pool interiors and other decorative surfaces.

Underlayment should be fully cured concrete or properly installed cement backerboard, and must be dry, stable, flat and free of foreign substances, with no risk of water seepage. When adhering, apply a thin-layer of adhesive, spreading smoothly in order for it to dry evenly. Back butter each tile to ensure full coverage with adhesive.

Use a standard new, sharp blade suitable for cutting glass tiles, which must be constantly kept wet with water. Cutting the pieces with the colored surface turned upward, and taping both sides will reduce chipping. Smooth off any sharp edges with sandpaper.

Tiles are sold and priced by the piece and each piece is about 1 square foot.

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Price: $13.95